Saturday, November 16, 2019

Timothy's School Year Chp. 1

School Year Begins.

Timothy woke up the next morning, ready for the first day of school.  He was sleeping on his stomach, of course, and was reminded of the past day's (and week's, and month's...) activities when he rolled over. Rubbing his bottom happily, he got up and went about his morning routine.

He stepped outside and found Megan waiting for him to walk together.

"Hello!" she said, smiling.  Timothy looked around to make sure there were no witnesses and gave her a quick kiss.  Megan slapped him affectionately on his still smarting backside, and he gave an exaggerated wince.  She chuckled.  "Still sore, huh?"

"Oh yeah. That strap is nasty."  Timothy replied, truthfully.

"Well, you certainly earned it."  Megan giggled.  "Besides, we had to get it in while we could." she continued, sobering.  "I'm not sure how much we'll be able to play during the school year."

The two continued on to school, holding hands.  They were in the same homeroom.  During the first break, they compared schedules.  There weren't many overlaps, unfortunately.  The first week passed mostly uneventfully.  Then, Friday came.  Timothy and Megan met as usual and walked to school.

"I have 'advisory' first,"  Timothy said.  "No teacher listed, though."  Megan looked over his shoulder.

"Weird.  My mom said they were adjusting the schedule. Maybe they didn't update it."

The bell rang to end homeroom, and they hurried to their classes.  Timothy's advisory period was in a room he didn't recognize.  It took him a while to find it, but he was there in plenty of time.  It wasn't a classroom at all, but was in the area of the school where teacher's offices were.  He opened the door and stepped in.

Seated behind a desk, smiling, was Ms. Johnson.

"Hello there!" she said brightly.

Timothy took a moment to recompose himself.  He certainly hadn't expected this.

"Please, put your things down and sit.  We have a lot to talk about.  You'll notice I prepared the chair especially for you."  Timothy looked down and noted that there was a thick, soft pillow on the seat.  He chuckled, and sat down.  The residual soreness from his strapping before school started had mostly faded, but he appreciated the gesture.

"So." Ms. Johnson began.  This is advisory, which is a new thing the school is trying.  A few of our more promising students will have one-on-one meetings with students to keep track of their progress during the year.  I made a special request to have you assigned to me." She smiled broadly.  "I hope you are ok with that."

Timothy nodded enthusiastically.

"In fact," Ms. Johnson continued, "I have a few ideas for....motivational techniques....that might be especially effective for you.  You might have an inkling what I'm talking about."  She winked broadly.

Timothy blinked.  He was completely taken off guard, and didn't catch what Ms. Johnson meant at first.  The two stared at each other in silence as it slowly dawned on him.

"Oh....ooooooooohhhhh." he exclaimed, wide eyed.

"Exactly.  We meet once a week.  I am going to give you a form to complete each week that lets me know how you are coming along in your classes, and how your behavior has been. Of course, I expect that everything will be positive, but I definitely encourage you to be honest and forthright.  I will be checking in with your teachers regularly, and any dishonesty will have severe consequences."  With that, she reached into a drawer and withdrew the strap, placing it on the desk.

"You know what this feels like and, unless I miss my guess, you're not eager to repeat the I right?"

Timothy nodded slowly, wide-eyed."

"It is my hope that I won't need to use this this year," Ms Johnson ran her hand along the strap's length, almost affectionately, "... but you should know that it's there.  Of course, you know very well that that's not my only option.  I'll use other methods of motivation as seem appropriate each week, understood?"

"Yes, Ms. Johnson."

"And, of course, I'll be reviewing your midterm and semester grades.  I think that an expectation of straight a's is appropriate, given your potential."

Timothy puffed up a bit at the praise, though that was somewhat muted by the word "expectation".

", any shortfalls will be dealt with appropriately.  B and up...and that includes an a minus" she shook her finger at him "....and I will put you over my knee.  C and up, it's the hairbrush.  Anything below a C....well, let's hope we don't need to deal with that."

Timothy nodded.  He was an excellent student, and he was pretty confident he could handle that. 

He discussed his classes, and his plans to prepare for each of them, with Ms. Johnson for the next few minutes.  She had some excellent ideas to help him, and he took a lot of notes.  There were about 10 minutes left in the period when Ms. Johnson stood.

"Well, looks like we have just enough time to deal with this week's unpleasantness." she said, walking from behind the desk and pulling her chair out.  Timothy blanched.  Ms Johnson looked at him, somewhat surprised. "You didn't think I was going to let you go into the weekend without a.....motivational chat....did you?"

"No, Ms. Johnson."  Timothy mumbled.  He stood and placed his hands on his head without being asked.  Ms. Johnson smiled, and slowly unbuttoned his pants.  Timothy felt the familiar anticipation in his stomach.  It was more intense because this was all so unexpected.  She slowly lowered his pants and underwear to his knees, and led him to his familiar place at her right side.

"You know I don't give gentle spankings.  So this is going to hurt.  But it's just to motivate you, so I won't be too harsh today."  Without further ado, she pulled him across her knee and started spanking him briskly.


Her hand came down repeatedly.  Timothy tried to keep from crying out, but he couldn't prevent a few muffled sobs from escaping.  He had thought the soreness from the week before school was completely gone, but Ms. Johnson's hand brought back the deep ache he had felt.


True to her promise, she was not gentle with him.  She spanked quickly, and ever slap was hard.  Timothy felt the first brimmings of tears at the corners of his eyes, and soon felt them dripping from the tip of his nose to fall on the tiled floor.  He clutched helplessly at the leg of Ms. Johnson's chair.

Ms Johnson let him up literally seconds before the bell rang to end the period.  Timothy quickly pulled his pants up, wincing as they passed his freshly sore bottom.  He gathered up his books.

"Oh, Timothy...make sure to tell Megan to call me first."

Timothy looked askance at her.

Ms. Johnson chuckled.  "Don't tell me you've forgotten her rule already?  If you get spanked, you get a harder one from Megan.  I certainly don't see any reason why this one shouldn't count.  She is more than welcome to use your old room as needed during the school year."

Timothy gaped.

"Hurry along now.  If you're late for class, I will know about it."  Ms Johnson slapped his bottom hard to send him on his way.


  1. Oh, this looks promising. And very interesting. And gives me an idea how , through little fault of his own, Tim can actually piss off both of his discplinarians: get the wrong grade report. See, assume there is this one course Tim knows he is in danger of a C- or D. And he tells them about it, and they try a new teaching method or extra study or whatever. And then the day of grades comes and the teacher accidentally gives Tim an "E" (grade are by alphabetical order) instead of the C or (at worst D) that he was entitled to, along with notation about skipping class or not doing work or bad attitude or something like that. Tim glances at it, (E's can actually look like C's depending on how they are written and if they are partly covered) assumes it's a C and tells Ms Johnson that. Even though he knows he will be spanked for a C, its' an improvement and he's happy. Well, Ms Johnson somehow finds out it's an E and sees the comments the other teacher left. She probably doesn't tell Timothy and so he has no clue what he is in for (besides a kind of normal hard hairbrush spanking) when he goes over her knees, but she really lets him have it (multiple implements, bruises the whole nine yards) and if he figures anything out over her knees , he's crying too hard or too scared and confused to say anything. She then drives him , on his sore ass...probably with threats of another spanking if he doesn't sit on that sore ass ... to her place, with Megan in the back seat where she jams him in a corner (so he can't talk or hear what she tells Megan), and shows Megan the report (Megan is convinced he lied to them and did not do his homework or cursed out the teacher or whatever horrible thing you have the teacher put on the report). Anyway, you can see where this is going. Maybe she can't spank him as much as she wants that day because his butt is in a terrible state as its ever been,maybe even blisters (Plus, it's the weekend perhaps, so maybe no way to find out mistake until Monday?)so she handspanks and puts him to bed with icey hot or something on his butt. Then spanks him the next day with a hairbrush or something. Maybe he finally figures out it was a wrong report, tries to protest and gets spanked harder and maybe some soap. At the end of all this he literally can't sit and is very sad and scared and will def strive not to anger them both in the future for whatever reason. Whatever, they do figure it out eventually, and perhaps make it up to him by not only letting him talk more before a spanking in the future (to help avoid mistakes), but give him a "Free Spanking" pass where he can say no to a punishment spanking in the future if he chooses due to the mistake. After all, though they enjoy the sadistic games, they really don't like being mad or having to really punish him, esp to THAT extent so there's some guilt for not investigating more or listening (whenever if ever) when he claims an error. Anyway, just an idea...feel free to take it or ignore it. But I think it does kind of fit, and I think esp if paired with something saying dishonesty or esp no work and giving the other teacher hell, they would both have steam coming out of their ears...

    1. I have the next few chapters pretty well mapped out, but I really really like this idea, and I am going to try to find a way to work some of it in. Thanks!

  2. I'm glad you like it!
    Two things to clarify:
    A) The teacher gives the wrong student the "E" grade. Timmy was meant to get a C or C plus (def improvement ) but that grade went another student. The reason being distraction (worrisome phonecall from home, someone comes in the room etc) and both names being right next to each other so the teachers notes on grades and such were accidentally transposed. Easily fixed on Monday , but this is Friday...
    B) The reason the teachers 'quick check' of grades fails is that Tim and the other kid are near the end of the list. Also Ms Johnson accidentally (maybe the papers covering the 'E' she was given of Tims Grades fall on the floor or something) finds out. She knows Tim knows she trusts him, so she thinks he was trying to 'pull one over' on her. There are two other reasons she is not suspicious that the grade is wrong 1) She knows the class is the one he said he was having trouble with and 2) She doesn't immediately think "oh, there are some ways a C can look like an E".

    Anyway, this is just to explain my thinking and show how you can work something similar but realistic in by taking advantage of the power of distraction and incomplete information. Tim, for instance, being put in a corner is in no position to hear the charges against him that Ms Johnson is giving to Megan, so he can't put 2 and 2 together quite yet. So he's confused and when the second spanking of the day rolls around (before bedtime) he's too sore and tired and crying too much to know what Megan is scolding him about. He'd probably figure it out either overnight, or something the next day during or just before his next spanking.