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Timothy's School Year Chp. 1

School Year Begins.

Timothy woke up the next morning, ready for the first day of school.  He was sleeping on his stomach, of course, and was reminded of the past day's (and week's, and month's...) activities when he rolled over. Rubbing his bottom happily, he got up and went about his morning routine.

He stepped outside and found Megan waiting for him to walk together.

"Hello!" she said, smiling.  Timothy looked around to make sure there were no witnesses and gave her a quick kiss.  Megan slapped him affectionately on his still smarting backside, and he gave an exaggerated wince.  She chuckled.  "Still sore, huh?"

"Oh yeah. That strap is nasty."  Timothy replied, truthfully.

"Well, you certainly earned it."  Megan giggled.  "Besides, we had to get it in while we could." she continued, sobering.  "I'm not sure how much we'll be able to play during the school year."

The two continued on to school, holding hands.  They were in the same homeroom.  During the first break, they compared schedules.  There weren't many overlaps, unfortunately.  The first week passed mostly uneventfully.  Then, Friday came.  Timothy and Megan met as usual and walked to school.

"I have 'advisory' first,"  Timothy said.  "No teacher listed, though."  Megan looked over his shoulder.

"Weird.  My mom said they were adjusting the schedule. Maybe they didn't update it."

The bell rang to end homeroom, and they hurried to their classes.  Timothy's advisory period was in a room he didn't recognize.  It took him a while to find it, but he was there in plenty of time.  It wasn't a classroom at all, but was in the area of the school where teacher's offices were.  He opened the door and stepped in.

Seated behind a desk, smiling, was Ms. Johnson.

"Hello there!" she said brightly.

Timothy took a moment to recompose himself.  He certainly hadn't expected this.

"Please, put your things down and sit.  We have a lot to talk about.  You'll notice I prepared the chair especially for you."  Timothy looked down and noted that there was a thick, soft pillow on the seat.  He chuckled, and sat down.  The residual soreness from his strapping before school started had mostly faded, but he appreciated the gesture.

"So." Ms. Johnson began.  This is advisory, which is a new thing the school is trying.  A few of our more promising students will have one-on-one meetings with students to keep track of their progress during the year.  I made a special request to have you assigned to me." She smiled broadly.  "I hope you are ok with that."

Timothy nodded enthusiastically.

"In fact," Ms. Johnson continued, "I have a few ideas for....motivational techniques....that might be especially effective for you.  You might have an inkling what I'm talking about."  She winked broadly.

Timothy blinked.  He was completely taken off guard, and didn't catch what Ms. Johnson meant at first.  The two stared at each other in silence as it slowly dawned on him.

"Oh....ooooooooohhhhh." he exclaimed, wide eyed.

"Exactly.  We meet once a week.  I am going to give you a form to complete each week that lets me know how you are coming along in your classes, and how your behavior has been. Of course, I expect that everything will be positive, but I definitely encourage you to be honest and forthright.  I will be checking in with your teachers regularly, and any dishonesty will have severe consequences."  With that, she reached into a drawer and withdrew the strap, placing it on the desk.

"You know what this feels like and, unless I miss my guess, you're not eager to repeat the I right?"

Timothy nodded slowly, wide-eyed."

"It is my hope that I won't need to use this this year," Ms Johnson ran her hand along the strap's length, almost affectionately, "... but you should know that it's there.  Of course, you know very well that that's not my only option.  I'll use other methods of motivation as seem appropriate each week, understood?"

"Yes, Ms. Johnson."

"And, of course, I'll be reviewing your midterm and semester grades.  I think that an expectation of straight a's is appropriate, given your potential."

Timothy puffed up a bit at the praise, though that was somewhat muted by the word "expectation".

", any shortfalls will be dealt with appropriately.  B and up...and that includes an a minus" she shook her finger at him "....and I will put you over my knee.  C and up, it's the hairbrush.  Anything below a C....well, let's hope we don't need to deal with that."

Timothy nodded.  He was an excellent student, and he was pretty confident he could handle that. 

He discussed his classes, and his plans to prepare for each of them, with Ms. Johnson for the next few minutes.  She had some excellent ideas to help him, and he took a lot of notes.  There were about 10 minutes left in the period when Ms. Johnson stood.

"Well, looks like we have just enough time to deal with this week's unpleasantness." she said, walking from behind the desk and pulling her chair out.  Timothy blanched.  Ms Johnson looked at him, somewhat surprised. "You didn't think I was going to let you go into the weekend without a.....motivational chat....did you?"

"No, Ms. Johnson."  Timothy mumbled.  He stood and placed his hands on his head without being asked.  Ms. Johnson smiled, and slowly unbuttoned his pants.  Timothy felt the familiar anticipation in his stomach.  It was more intense because this was all so unexpected.  She slowly lowered his pants and underwear to his knees, and led him to his familiar place at her right side.

"You know I don't give gentle spankings.  So this is going to hurt.  But it's just to motivate you, so I won't be too harsh today."  Without further ado, she pulled him across her knee and started spanking him briskly.


Her hand came down repeatedly.  Timothy tried to keep from crying out, but he couldn't prevent a few muffled sobs from escaping.  He had thought the soreness from the week before school was completely gone, but Ms. Johnson's hand brought back the deep ache he had felt.


True to her promise, she was not gentle with him.  She spanked quickly, and ever slap was hard.  Timothy felt the first brimmings of tears at the corners of his eyes, and soon felt them dripping from the tip of his nose to fall on the tiled floor.  He clutched helplessly at the leg of Ms. Johnson's chair.

Ms Johnson let him up literally seconds before the bell rang to end the period.  Timothy quickly pulled his pants up, wincing as they passed his freshly sore bottom.  He gathered up his books.

"Oh, Timothy...make sure to tell Megan to call me first."

Timothy looked askance at her.

Ms. Johnson chuckled.  "Don't tell me you've forgotten her rule already?  If you get spanked, you get a harder one from Megan.  I certainly don't see any reason why this one shouldn't count.  She is more than welcome to use your old room as needed during the school year."

Timothy gaped.

"Hurry along now.  If you're late for class, I will know about it."  Ms Johnson slapped his bottom hard to send him on his way.

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Timothy's Summer School, Chp 12

Previous Chapter

The Beginning

Timothy was sore.

At least one spanking every day for eight days will do that to you.  Most days, there were more then one.  Every morning, he reported to Ms. Johnson's house and was informed when Megan would arrive to deliver his daily discipline.  And it seemed every day, Ms. Johnson found an excuse to get him across her knee as well.  His pants were up and down more frequently than an elevator.

Today was the next-to-last day of summer.  All of the preparation for the new school year was done, and the last full free days were winding down.  Timothy locked his bike to the tree in the park across from Ms. Johnson's house.  Megan's bike was already there, which boded poorly for Timothy's already limited ability to sit.

Sure enough, he opened the door and there were two very stern ladies waiting for him, casually sipping cups of tea.

"Well, look who finally decided to show up."  Ms Johnson said wryly.

Megan stood and placed her hands on her hips.  "Well.  I had hoped we wouldn't have to deal with misbehavior today, but I'm certainly not surprised.  Do you have anything to say for yourself, young man?"

Timothy, of course, knew he wasn't actually late. He also knew that protesting wasn't going to help him stay unspanked one little bit.  He shook his head meekly, and Megan wordlessly pointed to the corner.  Timothy assumed his usual spot, placing his hands on his head.  Megan followed him and stroked his back.  She leaned forward and whispered in his ear.

"I'd almost like to let you off this time.  The spanking I have planned for you tomorrow is going to be one you'll never forget.  It's almost enough for me to give you a reprieve today."

Her hand smacked hard into the seat of his pants.  Timothy's back arched.

"Almost.  Unfortunately, a promise is a promise, and that means you get spanked every single day."  She seized him by the earlobe and led him to the kitchen, where one of the chairs was waiting.  "Let's get this over with, young man.  If you take your spanking like a big boy, I'll just use my hand.  But that doesn't mean it's not going to hurt."

She unbuttoned his pants and pulled them and his underwear down to his knees in a single practiced motion.  In a flash, Timothy was facedown across her knee.  His spanking began immediately, Megan wasting no time bringing her palm crashing down across Timothy's still-sore bottom.  She spanked briskly, peppering Timothy's bottom with quick, sharp slaps.  It was far from the hardest spanking she'd ever given, but the lingering soreness from the week and a half of daily spankings made him very sensitive.  He didn't cry out, but he squirmed and kicked involuntarily.

"Hold still and take your punishment, young man!" Megan scolded, pulling his waist tight with her left hand and renewing her efforts.  "If you don't stop squirming, I am going to go get the hairbrush after all!"

Timothy whimpered and tried to stay still.  The inability to squirm made the spanking more painful, and he squeezed his eyes shut against the first rush of tears.  The only sound for the next few minutes was Megan's hand slapping down unceasingly on Timothy's bare behind.

"Ok.  Up.  If you behave, that's the only spanking you'll get until tomorrow." Megan said, changing her smacks to a gentle pat.  Timothy rose and gingerly pulled his pants up.  He winced as the waistband of his underwear rubbed past his newly reddened bottom.

"You two go enjoy the day.  Tomorrow is supposed to rain, and then we're all back to school" Ms Johnson called from the other room.  "I'll see you both bright and early tomorrow."

Megan and Timothy grinned at one another, the past few minutes momentarily forgotten.  They went outside and followed Ms. Johnson's suggestion, wringing every last drop of enjoyment out of the end of the summer.  As they kissed goodnight, before each heading home, Megan tapped Timothy on the forehead.

"Don't you forget, young man.  I went easy on you today, but that's not happening tomorrow.  I want you at Ms. Johnson's at 8:00 tomorrow, rain or shine.  Expect to be crying by 8:05."

Timothy nodded slowly.  He kissed Megan one last time, and headed home.  He had been sleeping on his stomach for the last week and a half, but tonight he felt OK.  He knew that he was really in for it tomorrow, but for that night, he slept like a baby.

Timothy woke up the next morning.  He briefly toyed with the idea of being late on purpose, to see just how angry he could make Ms. Megan, but decided that it would be better for him to be obedient.  He showered, dressed, grabbed a raincoat and headed to Ms. Johnson's, arriving a little before the appointed hour.  Once again, Megan's bike was already there.  He slowly made the walk of a condemned man up to the front door.

The door opened, and Megan walked him into the living room.  Ms. Johnson was seated on the couch, but Timothy's eyes were immediately drawn to the coffee table.  Timothy had never seen the strap before, but he could immediately tell that it was going to be very good at its job.  It was about four inches wide and a foot long, made of heavy, thick leather.  The business end was attached to a wooden handle.  It rested on the table next to Megan's hairbrush.  Timothy gulped.

Megan turned to him.  "I shouldn't have to tell you that your behavior this summer has been atrocious.  Ms. Johnson and I have tried very hard to keep you in line, but nothing seems to have worked.  So I;m afraid we're going to have to try sterner measures.  Much sterner."

Ms. Johnson stood and picked up the strap.  She slapped it lightly against the side of her thigh.  "Take your clothes off.  Every stitch."

Timothy had, of course, known that something like this was going to happen.  But the suddenness still took him off guard.  He quickly came back to his senses, though, and started undressing, neatly folding his clothing and placing it on the coffee table.  Soon, he was standing completely naked in front of the two very angry looking ladies.  Megan broke character for a moment and smirked at his obvious excitement.

"There's no reason to delay the inevitable.  Bend over the couch." Ms Johnson demanded.

Timothy turned and obeyed.  He leaned over the arm of the couch so his bottom was raised.  Timothy clutched desperately at the cushions and tried to brace himself.  He heard Ms. Johnson moving around to stand behind him and to his left, and felt her place her hand on his back.  The leather of the strap rubbed lightly across the bare skin of his bottom.  Then it left.


Timothy jolted forward in shock and pain.  The strap covered almost his entire backside, and whipped around to snap agonizingly against the outside of his right cheek.  It hit heavily like the bathbrush, but stung like the worst of the belt.  He gritted his teeth against the sensation.


Tears came out in a rush.  Ms. Johnson was hitting him HARD, and it was all Timothy could do to remain in position.  He tried to pull himself into the couch.

The strap rose and fell eight more times.  Timothy was howling.  He didn't know when it had started, but he wailed wordlessly and without stopping through the punishment.  After the tenth stroke, he buried his face in the cushions and sobbed.  The two ladies stood over him and let him week for a moment.

"Up and to the corner, young man."  Megan finally said.  Timothy gingerly stood and walked to the familiar spot.  "I hope you don't think that's all you're earned yourself today."

Timothy composed himself in the corner.  His bottom burned and there was a deep ache that he knew would last.  Megan seized his left elbow and pulled him roughly out of his daze.  Wordlessly, she dragged him to the kitchen and turned him across her knee, the hairbrush held in her right hand.  Timothy clutched at her ankle with both hands. 

Megan looked down at Timothy.  His bottom was covered with wide, scarlet splotches, and there were a few welts where the strap had wrapped around.  He was breathing heavily.  She raised the brush and brought it crashing down onto his already thoroughly punished bottom.

Again and again the brush fell.  Timothy kicked helplessly, but Megan held him fast around the waist.  She spanked him back to tears and continued well past that.  She spanked without pause, making sure to cover his entire bottom with the wide back of the brush.

Finally she stopped, and rested the hand holding the brush on the small of his back.  His behind was crimson, from the top of each cheek to his thighs halfway to his knees.  He was crying openly, his back heaving with sobs.  Megan rubbed the back of his head gently.  "Back to the corner." she said, tapping the brush against his sore bottom.  Timothy rose to obey.  Megan followed him to the corner, and lifted his arms to place them on his head.  She sat on the couch with Ms. Johnson.

"Do you think you can behave the rest of the day?" Megan asked.  Timothy nodded quickly.  "Good.  We need to discuss how this school year is going to go."

This concludes Timothy's Summer School.

...But not the story.  Next chapter coming soon.

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Bad news is that I haven't had much time to finish a few stories I've been working on.  Good news is that the next three chapters are all close (last day of summer, first day of school, and finally the long-awaited appearance of the mystery woman).  Timothy's going to have a very sore bottom, and David and Rachel are in for it too.

Updates soon.  Thank you for reading.  It really means a lot to me.

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Timothy's Summer School: Interlude 4

Previous Chapter

The Beginning

Ms. Johnson picked up the package.  The rest of her adopted, informal household had gone out on various errands (Timothy with a very sore bottom), and she had decided to get a good look at her new purchase prior to introducing it to David.

She shook it like a kid on Christmas morning testing their presents.  She slid her fingers along the side to open it, and noticed, to her surprise, that it seemed to have already been opened.   She took a closer look and, sure enough, the cardboard box had been torn open along one edge, and then carefully retaped.  She placed the box back on the table, concern on her face.

A few minutes later, she found herself ringing Rachel’s doorbell.  She waited a moment, and the door opened.  Rachel was a bit younger than Ms. Johnson.  She was petite, with short blonde hair. She was dressed in a short blue pleated skirt and a white top. She and Ms. Johnson got together fairly regularly for tea or something stronger when the occasion called for it.

"Oh, hello Sarah!  I hope I didn't disturb you the other day..."

"NO, no.  Not at all.  Thank you for delivering the package!  We had been wondering where that had gotten to."

Rachel gave Ms. Johnson an odd look, which she quickly covered up.  "Of course.  Just a mix-up by the mailman I guess."

"...Tell me...was there anything wrong with the package when it arrived?"

"Wrong?  No...nothing at all.  Nothing I could see..."  That odd look appeared again.  Ms. Johnson said nothing.  Rachel looked away briefly.  "Why don't you come in for some tea?"

Ms. Johnson walked in and sat at Rachel's kitchen table.  Rachel busied herself preparing the tea.  Once the water was starting to boil, she turned to Ms. Johnson and sighed.

"Ok.  I'm really sorry.  I tried to tape it back up.  It was really an accident.  I saw the package and opened it before I knew it was mis-addressed.  I didn't mean to invade your privacy."

"I thought so."  Ms. Johnson replied.  "What did you see?"

Rachel hesitated and looked away.  "Well, I took it out of the package before I realized.  It was a long leather strap with a something you would hit someone with."

Ms. Johnson sighed.  She had hoped that Rachel wouldn't recognize it.

"Hit someone?" she asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Well.....spank."  Rachel was clearly blushing.  Ms Johnson let the silence linger. "...Does it hurt?"  Rachel finally asked.

Ms. Johnson looked up in surprise.  "Well, I don't know yet.  It only just arrived."

"No....I know that...I mean....This won't be the first time, right?"

"What do you mean?"

Rachel sat down at the table.  She leaned forward in her chair almost eagerly.  "Does it hurt when David spanks you?"

Ms. Johnson couldn't stop a peal of shocked laughter.  "Oh...oh no.  That's not what happens at all."

Now it was Rachel's turn to be confused.  "Oh...I assumed it was....I mean, that you...I just thought..."

"You thought that David and I got up to a bit of kinky play?"

"...Yes..."  Just then the kettle whistled.

"You seem pretty eager to hear about it."  Ms Johnson said, probing a bit.

Rachel blushed.  "Well, I could be fun."

Ms Johnson looked at Rachel speculatively.  She wondered how far she could push this.  She decided to find out.  "Oh, I think you're right there.  You just have a few of the details off." She stood and turned off the stove.

Rachel looked questioningly at her.  Ms. Johnson decided to go for broke. She turned back to face Rachel and said, softly: "The only part of me that hurts when we play is the palm of my hand.  That's why we bought the strap."

Rachel's mouth dropped wide open.  She was completely silent for several seconds.  Ms. Johnson stood up and walked around behind her.  "It seems that you have a bit of an interest here.  Am I right?"  She laid her hand on Rachel's shoulder.  Rachel flinched briefly, and then looked up at Ms. Johnson.  "Go on.  I promise I'll share some details if you do."

"I...I don't really have any details.  I've never done anything like that."

"But you've wanted to."  It wasn't a question.

Rachel looked away.  "Maybe a little."

Ms. Johnson breathed deep.  It wasn't that she was attracted to Rachel...but she had gotten very attached to the power she held when playing with Timothy and David.  She had to admit that she found the idea of having that same power over Rachel....interesting.

"Would you like to find out what it's like?"

"..But...I thought you said....David doesn't..."

"He doesn't.  This would be between you....and me." Rachel's breathing quickened.  Ms. Johnson smiled.

" wouldn't think it's weird?"  she asked.

"I wouldn't care if it's weird."  Ms. Johnson responded, placing both hands on the back of Rachel's chair.

"O....Ok."  Rachel whispered, her eyes downcast.  Ms. Johnson pulled the chair out from the table. Rachel stood up slowly.  Ms. Johnson placed her hands on Rachel's shoulders and turned her around so they were facing one another.  Ms. Johnson was quite a bit taller than Rachel, and she reached her hand under Rachel's chin to gently make the younger woman look her in the face.

"If this is something you want to try...and it very much looks like it is... you're going to have to trust me.  Once we start, you don't get to change your mind."  Rachel's breath caught.  Ms. Johnson raised a finger.  "I'll answer your question before you decide.  Yes, it hurts.  I am quite sure of that.  I'm not gentle."

Rachel looked up at the taller woman.  Excitement and fear mixed deliciously.  Before she knew what she was doing, she nodded her head.  Ms. Johnson smiled broadly.  Her voice lost its reassuring tone and she became quite stern.  "Opening my package was a very, very naughty thing to do, Rachel.  I'm going to have to punish you for it."  She sat down in the chair Rachel had vacated.  Rachel stood stock still, paralyzed with how rapidly the situation had progressed.  Ms. Johnson reached out and gently, but firmly, took hold of her hand.

"It would be appropriate if I went and got the strap you were so interested in, but I think we'll start slowly today.  However, don't think that means I am going to let you off easy.  I am going to turn you over my knee for a good, hard spanking, young lady."

True to her word, Ms. Johnson pulled on Rachel's hand and she tumbled across the older woman's lap.  She gasped and reached down to grab Ms. Johnson's ankle.  Ms. Johnson took the hem of Rachel's skirt in her hand and slowly, deliberately pulled it up her back to reveal a tiny pair of white bikini panties.  Rachel's breathing was coming in short sharp gasps.  She was completely motionless, and Ms. Johnson could feel her tension through Rachel's grip on her ankle.

Ms Johnson put her fingers inside the waistband of Rachel's panties.  Rachel held her breath.  "Oh yes.  A good bare bottom spanking is exactly what you need", she purred, and then peeled the panties down to reveal Rachel's firm bottom.  There was a very clear tanline evident.  Beneath the panties, her skin was snow white. Ms. Johnson resolved to change that.

She raised her arm high, and then brought her palm down sharply onto the young woman's backside.  The report from the first spank echoed through the otherwise silent kitchen.  She raised her hand again and again, drawing tiny squeaks from Rachel as the spanking continued.

Feeling no resistance to the relatively mild spanks she had started with, Ms. Johnson pulled Rachel's waist closer with her left hand and increased the intensity of the spanking.  This garnered a reaction from Rachel, who cried out and started kicking her feet furiously.  Ms. Johnson smiled grimly and continued with renewed vigor.

"It hurts!  Owwwww"  Rachel cried.  Her panties were now dangling precariously on one ankle, flapping like a flag as her feet continued to kick.  Ms. Johnson noted with some appreciation that her bottom was very quickly turning a dark pink under her palm.

"Good.  Now we're getting somewhere." Ms. Johnson responded. She continued the spanking until Rachel's bottom was an even shade of red.  Rachel lay limply across her lap, accepting each spank meekly.  Ms Johnson finally stopped, and rubbed her bottom soothingly.

"Now.  Naughty girls stand in the corner after they get their bottoms spanked.  Up with you."  Ms. Johnson helped Rachel up and smacked her sore bottom towards the corner.  Rachel squeaked and ran.

Ms. Johnson walked behind her and took both Rachel's wrists in her hand, placing her hands on her head.  She lifted up Rachel's skirt and tucked it in to her waistband, admiring her handiwork.

"You can stand there with that bare bottom on display for five minutes, young lady.  I'll be watching.  If you move a muscle, I won't hesitate to go back to my house to fetch my hairbrush!"

Ms. Johnson went to the stove and turned the kettle back on.

Next Chapter Coming Soon

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Timothy's Summer School Chp 11

The Beginning

Previous Chapter

"But Ms. Johnson...." Timothy whined.

"The only 'but' I want to hear about is yours, bare and in that corner.  I told you every single week, and I meant it."

Today was the fourth day of Megan's promised "spanking every day" to end the summer.  She had kept that promise.  In fact, not two hours before, she had dragged him by the ear into Ms. Johnson's living room and paddled his bare bottom in front of Ms. Johnson.  Now Ms. Johnson was insisting on repeating that treatment as part of her scheduled "tutoring" sessions.

"But Ms. Johnson..." Timothy's whining was growing more strident.

Ms. Johnson waggled her finger at him.  "You've got a spanking coming.  That is happening.  If you keep up this behavior, it's going to be the belt, too."

Megan chose this moment to walk in the door.  The body language of the two was unmistakable, Ms. Johnson standing with her hands on her hips, and Timothy shrinking against the wall.

"And what do we have here?"  Megan asked, assuming the same pose as Ms. Johnson and turning to Timothy.

"This young man seems to think that, just because you gave him a spanking this morning, he should get a free pass on the weekly spanking I promised him, and that he knows perfectly well he deserves."

Timothy looked back and forth between the two stern ladies.  His bottom was still smarting from Megan's hairbrush this morning, and there was a dull, deep ache from the near-constant spankings that he had been receiving the past few days.  Though he certainly had placed himself in this position, and, if he was being honest with himself, wouldn't trade it for the world, he really didn't want another spanking so soon.

"Oh, he does, does he? I assume you told him otherwise, and he has seen the error of his ways?"  Megan looked pointedly at Timothy.

"I SAID, I assume you told him otherwise, and he is going to take his punishment like a good boy?"  Megan repeated, crossing her arms.

There was a palpable silence in the room.  Both ladies stared at Timothy, waiting for him to react.  He looked back and forth, searching for any hint of mercy in either of their faces.  He found none.  His shoulders slumped and, resigned, he turned to face the living room corner.

"Much better."  Ms. Johnson said, walking up behind him.  "Since you've made me wait, I will do the same for you."  She yanked his pants to his ankles, exposing his still-red bottom.  "Put your hands on your head.  Don't you dare move a muscle until I tell you to."  Ms. Johnson and Megan walked into the kitchen, leaving Timothy standing in the corner.

Of course, that was the moment David walked in the door.  The sight of Timothy's bright red behind peeking out of the corner was, by this point, familiar enough that he barely gave it a second glance.  He raised an eyebrow and went into the kitchen with Megan and Ms. Johnson.

"I see someone's misbehaved again."  The two ladies smiled.  "Any packages today?" he asked Ms. Johnson.

"Now that you mention it, no.  It should have arrived by now, shouldn't it?"

“I certainly would have thought so...”

Megan looked back and forth between the two, not following the conversation.

“Well, you and I will make do until it gets here.  Don’t you worry about that.”  Ms. Johnson said, with a tone of finality.  “How long do you think I should make him wait, Megan?”

Megan pushed her chair back and leaned so she could see into the living room.  Timothy was standing right where they had left him, pants and underwear pooled around his ankles.  Megan noted with amusement that the window was directly across the room from him.  The same window she had heard Timothy getting the belt through at the beginning of the summer.  If someone from the park looked up at just the right angle, they would get quite a view.  "We didn't have any real plans today.  I don't see any reason to rush."

Ms. Johnson smiled and nodded.

Timothy heard cups of coffee being poured and idle chatting from the next room.  His exposure, standing bare bottomed in the wide open living room, was keen.  The usual mix of fear and excitement built and built with every minute he waited. He was sure he could hear people walking back and forth in the street past the window. He had just convinced himself that this was all in his imagination when there was a knock at the door.

Timothy stiffened.  He heard the trio in the kitchen go silent.  Then he heard the scraping of one of the kitchen chairs being pushed back and footsteps to the door.

"You keep yourself still, or yet another person will find out what a naughty boy you are." Ms. Johnson whispered in his ear.

The door creaked open.  Timothy's breath caught.  He pressed himself helplessly against the wall.

Ms. Johnson walked across the living room and cracked the door open, so Timothy wasn't visible to the person on the other side.

"Oh, Hello Rachel!"  She said.  Rachel was her next door neighbor.  "I am afraid I'm in the middle of something here.  Can I come by later?"

"Oh, it's no big deal." Rachel replied from the porch.  Ms. Johnson thought she sounded nervous for some reason.  "Some of your mail got delivered to my house by mistake."  Rachel handed Ms. Johnson a long package through the crack in the door.  Ms. Johnson smiled and thanked her, then closed and locked the door.

Johnny heard the whole exchange.  He didn't relax, or even breathe, until the moment he heard the door latch.  He let his shoulders sag in relief.

"Don't you move a muscle!"  Ms. Johnson growled, slapping his bottom in passing as she carried the package into the kitchen, to set right in front of David.  David's eyes widened.  Ms. Johnson gave him a wink and then turned right back around to the living room.

"I think that's enough corner time." she said, pulling Timothy firmly out of the corner.  Timothy stepped out of his pants and underwear and followed her to the couch.  She sat down, and immediately pulled him over her knee.  "You are very lucky I'm going easy on you today, young man.  After all that fussing, I should make you fetch the belt."

Ms. Johnson started spanking his still-sore bottom.  It was far from the hardest spanking he had received...not even the hardest he had received that day! ...But the accumulation of punishment over the past few days made him extra sensitive.  He squirmed and kicked over her lap.

"You keep yourself still and take what you've got coming to you or I WILL make you fetch the belt.  Do you understand me?"

"Yes Ms. Johnson!" Timothy wailed, willing himself to stay still.  He lay limply over her lap as she smacked her palm down over and over on his bare backside.  He pressed his face into the couch cushion and felt it dampen with his tears.

Ms. Johnson spanked him steadily until she was satisfied.  She never smacked him as hard as she could, but she never paused or relented either.  Timothy tried very hard to keep still, but he couldn't stop from squirming a bit, which earned him some extra-hard slaps on his thighs.  "Watch it, young man!"  Ms. Johnson warned him.

Finally, Ms. Johnson stopped.  She patted his bottom gently and told him to stand up.  Timothy obeyed quickly, his hands flying to rub his sore bottom.

"Back to the corner.  And consider yourself lucky that that's all you're getting."

Timothy turned to obey.  He head Megan pushing her chair back.

"Actually, Ms. Johnson, that's not quite true.  Isn't that right, Timothy?"

Both Timothy and Ms. Johnson looked at Megan, confused.

"Don't tell me you've forgotten my rule already?"

It suddenly clicked with Timothy.  He shook his head helplessly.  Ms. Johnson looked askance at Megan.

"My first rule to Timothy was that any time he gets a spanking...for any reason...he has to let me know about it right away, and he gets a harder one from me.  Right, young man?"  Timothy nodded his head slowly.

Ms. Johnson clapped her hands and laughed. "Oh, my, that is a good rule!"

"Now, I'm not completely heartless, so I'll give you a choice." Megan said, walking towards Timothy.  "Hairbrush right now or belt tonight?"

Timothy was torn.  He was really hurting, and he knew how proficient Megan had become at wielding that awful hairbrush.  But the idea of going the whole day knowing that at the end of it he was going to get spanked with the belt was unbearable.  He was already sleeping on his stomach every night.

"You have one minute to answer....or it will be both."  Megan said impatiently.  "You will ask me politely for the one you choose."

Timothy looked at his feet.  He could feel all three sets of eyes on him.  He wrung his hands together and took a deep breath.

"Please spank me with the hairbrush now."

Megan smiled.  "It would be my pleasure."  She pulled her kitchen chair out from under the table and turned it to face the living room.  "I will warn you right now, Ms. Johnson may have gone easy on you today, but I will not.  To make sure we are crystal clear on that, you will ask me again to punish you, but this time you will specify that you need to be spanked very hard."

Timothy shrunk in on himself.  He took another deep breath and looked up at Megan.  "Please, Ms. Megan.  I was a very naughty boy, and I need to be punished. Please spank me very, very hard with your hairbrush on my bare bottom."

David and Ms. Johnson's eyebrows rose simultaneously.  They had not expected this level of obedience.  Megan simply smiled and sat down.  She reached into her purse and withdrew the hairbrush slowly, as if she was unsheathing a sword.  Timothy watched her every move.  Megan looked at him and gestured for him to approach with a crooked finger.

Timothy walked forward in a daze.  Without prompting, he walked to Megan's right side and lay across her lap. Megan brushed his shirt up his back with her left hand.  She stroked his reddened bottom with the back of the hairbrush.


Timothy jerked involuntarily as the hairbrush cracked down.  Megan spanked steadily.  Not fast, but very hard, making Timothy feel each stroke.

He definitely felt it.  The tears had barely dried on his face from Ms. Johnson's hand spanking before the sprang anew down his cheeks.  He kicked his feet furiously, not in a struggle to get away, but in a fruitless effort to relieve the pain in his bottom.  His hands gripped the legs of the chair tightly and he howled loudly, but he accepted Megan's punishment.  True to her word, she did not go easy on him.  At all.  The spanking went on for some time, and the last stroke was every bit as hard as the first.  When she finally stopped, Timothy's head hung limply down between his arms, and he sobbed so hard he was hiccupping.  Megan placed the hairbrush behind her on the kitchen table and stroked his back gently.

David and Ms. Johnson watched the proceedings in silence.  When they saw she had finished, David picked up the package and they both quietly left the kitchen and went upstairs.  Megan continued to soothingly rub Timothy's back, and he continued to cry on her lap for some time.

Eventually he sat up and nestled his head between Megan's breasts.  She gently rubbed the back of his head and hugged him until the tears subsided.

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Friday, August 30, 2019

Timothy's Summer School: Interlude 3

The Beginning

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"Good.  I've got my hands full."  Ms. Johnson playfully whacked David on the backside.  David winced noticeably.  Megan looked at the two curiously for a moment, then she turned and started for the stairs.

David rubbed his bottom ruefully.  He could still feel the heat from the belt through his pants, and his underwear rubbed painfully against the raised welts it had left.  Ms. Johnson smiled at his discomfort as they watched Megan stop up the stairs after Timothy.

"He's really in for it today, isn't he?"  David asked.

"Oh, I think so.  Megan is quite eager to show him how stern she can be.  She certainly seemed it at the table."

Two loud whacks were audible from upstairs.  Both of them looked up at the sound, then turned to one another chuckling.

"Sounds like she has things well in hand."  Ms. Johnson said.  "And how are you feeling this morning?"  She reached out and stroked his bottom gently.

David smiled.  "I'm fine.  A bit sore, but fine."

"It wasn't too much?" Ms. Johnson asked, concerned.

"No!  Not at all."  She stepped closer.

"Was it enough?"

David blushed a bit.  "Well, not to brag...."

The sounds of Timothy's punishment carried down the stairs. Both David and Ms. Johnson could tell that Megan was being very enthusiastic in her use of the brush.  Timothy's cries and promises to behave were quite audible.

Ms. Johnson stepped back and looked at David curiously.  He continued "...That belt is pretty small, comparatively.  It's pretty severe for Timothy, saw how long you had to go with me.  And you were swinging pretty hard."

Ms. Johnson had considered this.  She had been swinging hard.  Very hard.  She stepped back close to him and placed her hand against his chest.  "What do you think we should do about this?" she purred.

"Well, you saw my laptop.  There are a few places that cater to these needs."

"And did you have something in mind, young man?"  Ms. Johnson asked, a smile on her face.

Davis walked upstairs and found his laptop. He paused by Timothy's door and briefly listened in.  Megan was certainly being thorough. He brought it down the kitchen and started it up.  The loud smacks of the brush and Timothy's wails followed him down the stairs.

"I was thinking that a strap might work."

"Oh, you just thought of this now, did you?" Ms. Johnson chuckled, remembering the pictures she had seen on David's laptop.

David grinned back at her.  "Well, I may have been considering this for a while..."

The noises upstairs suddenly stopped.  The two looked up and, after a moment, saw Megan walking down the stairs.

"Done already?" Ms. Johnson asked, teasingly.

"Oh no.  Not at all."  Megan responded.  "I was hoping to borrow Mr. Smiley."

David looked at Ms. Johnson, confused.  She smiled.

"Of course."  Ms. Johnson reached into a drawer and pulled out the wooden spoon with the smiley face cutout that gave it its nickname.  David's eyes widened as Ms. Johnson handed it to Megan.

"I'd like to keep him waiting a bit.  I hope I'm not interrupting anything."

David and Ms. Johnson looked at each other and smiled.  "Of course not, dear."

After a moment, Megan walked back up the stairs.  The two listened as the spoon went to work, and then heard Megan turning timothy back across her knee.

"If a strapping is what you need, then a strapping is what you'll get.  Order it now, before you lose your nerve."

David obeyed and placed the order.  The two waited in the kitchen for Megan to finish.  They waited quite some time.

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Timothy's Summer School Chp 10

The Beginning

Previous Chapter

Timothy and Megan parked and locked their bikes.  Megan adjusted her backpack and reached out to take Timothy’s hand in her own.  The two started to walk across the park towards Ms. Johnson’s house.  As they reached the edge of the park, Megan stopped, and turned to face Timothy.

“Are you ready for this?” She asked.

 Timothy nodded.

“You know, once we go in there, I’m going to be very strict with you.”  Megan looked at him seriously.  “VERY strict.”

“Yes, Megan.”

“Like....really strict.  Naughty Timothy may never sit down again strict.  The hairbrush is in my backpack, and, if Ms. Johnson says what I think she’s going to say, I intend to use it.  I’ve been practicing, you know.  I found a few old stuffed animals that are quite well behaved now.”

Timothy chuckled and nodded.

“And that’s what you want?  I’m asking you for real now.  That is really what you want?  You can tell me now, and we don’t have to go in.”

“Yes, please Megan.  That is exactly what I want.”

“Good.”  She leaned over and gave him a kiss. “Because that’s exactly what I want, too.  That was your last chance to back out.”  Her demeanor changed in an instant.

“No more delays, young man.  You come with me right this minute.” She took his hand again, but it was different.  When they held hands in the park, it had been gentle and affectionate.  The two had walked together.  This was very clearly her taking control. She stood taller and straighter and a determined expression appeared on her face.  She gripped his hand firmly and briskly led him across the street to the front door of Ms. Johnson’s house.  Megan knocked on the door, and then crossed her arms to glare at Timothy.  After a moment, Ms. Johnson opened the door.

“Hello, Ms. Johnson.  Timothy here has let me know that his behavior was less than stellar while I was gone.  I was hoping that we could discuss this in a bit more detail.”

Ms. Johnson stepped aside and gestured the two in.  “Of course.  Let’s step into the kitchen to talk.”

Ms. Johnson led the pair to the kitchen.  David walked in, and Ms. Johnson introduced him the Megan, letting her know that they could speak freely with him in the room.

Timothy was uncomfortably aware that everyone in the room had seen him tearfaced and red-bottomed and, in all likelihood, would again.  Probably sooner rather than later.  As was usual, however, his shame was somehow thrilling.

Ms. Johnson, Megan, and Timothy sat around Ms. Johnson's kitchen table.  David, for some reason, had declined a chair and was standing next to Ms. Johnson.  Ms. Johnson gave Megan quite a litany of Timothy's activities while Megan had been away.  Listening to her talk, it would seem as if Timothy was the worst behaved boy in the state.  Everyone, of course, knew that she was exaggerating a bit (maybe even a lot), but that didn't stop Megan from looking at him sternly as Ms. Johnson continued down the list.

David seemed unusually subdued, but he, too, shook his head at Timothy's supposed misbehavior.  Timothy fell into his role and looked down at his hands as the discussion continued.  Finally, the listing stopped and Megan turned to him.

"Well, young man.  I leave for two weeks, and this is the kind of report I get?  You should know that this is not acceptable behavior."

Timothy continued to look at his hands.  Even though he knew it was largely for show, Megan's tone made him feel like a very little boy, and an exceptionally naughty one at that.

"...and you should certainly know how I intend to deal with this.  I know Ms. Johnson tried to keep you in line, but I think you and I need to have a few very long discussions about the kind of behavior I expect from you.  More than a few."

Timothy shrunk in on himself.  Megan seemed to loom over him, her confidence and stern demeanor belying the fact that she was only a few inches taller than him.

"Ms. Johnson spanked you every week this summer, and that still wasn't enough to keep you behaving.  There are ten days left before school starts.  You're getting a spanking every.  Single.  Day."

Timothy's stomach dropped.  He looked up fearfully.  Megan was leaning down over him.  She held the hairbrush Ms. Johnson had presented to her, pointed threateningly at Timothy.

"And that's if you manage to behave yourself.  Don't think that I'll hesitate for a second to paddle your little tush twice in a day...or more!... if you act up."

Ms. Johnson was impressed.  Megan had taken to her role like a fish to water.  She felt a swell of pride at what she'd helped start.

"Upstairs.  Corner.  Now." Megan pointed the way.

"Yes. Ms. Megan."  Timothy hurried up the stairs.

"You had better have your pants down when I get up there!"  Megan shouted after him.  She turned to Ms. Johnson "Thank you.  I know Timothy's parents are back, but I was hoping you would let us continue to use his room until school starts"

"Of course, dear." Ms. Johnson replied.  "Let me know if you need any help at all."

"I will.  But I think I'm going to try to handle him myself."

"Good.  I've got my hands full."  Ms. Johnson playfully whacked David on the backside.  David winced noticeably.  Megan looked at the two curiously for a moment, then she turned and started for the stairs.

Timothy had gone into his room and quickly removed his pants.  He folded them neatly and placed them on the bed.  He thought for a moment, then removed his shirt too.  The thought of being naked when Megan arrived sent a thrill through his body.  Then he turned and faced the corner.

He didn't have long to wait.  As before, Megan stepped heavily on each stair as she walked up, sounding every bit the angry parent.  Timothy heard the door open and then close again.  He heard Megan's footsteps across the room as she walked to stand behind him.  He felt her breath on his neck.

Her hand brushed down his back towards his bottom, still slightly sore from the spankings he had received the last two days.  "I am going to see to it that you don't sit down the rest of the summer."  Her had stroked his bottom in wide, lazy circles.


Without warning, she slapped his bottom, hard.


Again, on the other cheek.  Timothy clutched at the wall.  These were not gentle, warm-up smacks.  The lazy circles began again.

"This is not going to be a quick spanking like yesterday, young man.  I meant what I said.  You are getting a spanking every day.  And this one is going to be a doozy."

Megan seized him by the arm and led him to the chair.  She pulled it to the center of the room and sat down.  She placed the hairbrush in her lap and looked up at him.

"I can see that you're excited. I'm not going to do anything about that.  Hopefully, you can control yourself.  If not, there will be consequences."  Timothy blushed deeply and tried to cover himself.

Megan chuckled, and pulled him to her right side.  She took the hairbrush in her left hand and pulled Timothy across her knee.  Timothy felt the brush stroke his back as she passed it to her right hand.

"I am going to spank you so hard your head will spin.  Imagine misbehaving that badly over two weeks."

The brush cracked down rapidly five times.  Timothy gasped.  As promised, Megan did not start off gently.

"You are going to cry today.  You are going to cry a whole lot.  Ms. Johnson and her boyfriend downstairs are going to hear exactly what Ms. Megan does to naughty boys."

The spanking started in earnest.  Megan smacked the brush down again and again, leaving wide crimson ovals on Timothy's bottom.  She fell into a rhythm, going up one cheek and down the other over and over again.  Timothy was crying almost immediately, and his feet started to involuntarily kick, as if he were swimming.  His hands clutched uselessly at the floorboards.  Megan continued the spanking wordlessly, now concentrating on the tender spot where his thighs became his bottom.  Her arm rose and fell over and over again, and Timothy's tears ran in streams down his face to pool on the floor.

Megan paused.

"Up.  Get your nose back in that corner."  Timothy rose quickly and ran to the corner.  "We are not even close to done yet.  Put your hands on your head."  Timothy obeyed.

Megan stood and placed the hairbrush on the chair.  "I am going downstairs for a moment.  If you rub your bottom while I am gone...if you even move a muscle....then I will make sure it is two spankings every day.  Do you understand me, mister?"

Timothy nodded silently.

"Uh-uh.  I expect a real answer.  No rubbing, no moving from that corner.  Do you understand?"

"Yes ma'am."  Timothy sniffled.

Timothy heard Megan walk out the door and down the stairs.  He heard Megan talking to Ms. Johnson and David, though he couldn't make out any words. The fact that the two of them had certainly heard the activities upstairs, and were probably discussing it, was thrilling.  The temptation to rub his bottom was strong, but he had not heard Megan close the door, and he really, really wanted to be obedient, so he rested his forehead against the wall and breathed.

After a short time, he heard Megan return and close the door.  She walked across the room.

"As I said, we are not done yet."


Without the slightest warning, the spoon smacked against his upper thigh.  Timothy howled at the sudden assault.


Megan smacked his bottom and upper thighs with the spoon over and over.  The intense sting, on top of the overall soreness of his bottom, was excruciating, and Timothy's feet danced in place.

"Get yourself back to the chair.  Now."  Megan pursued him back to the middle of the room, placing a few well-timed smacks of the spoon on the way.  She dropped the spoon with a clatter on the floor and sat down.  She reached up and roughly pulled him back across her knee.

"I hope you are learning your lesson, young man."  Megan immediately began spanking him with her hand.  Timothy's tears rushed to the surface again, and he was suddenly bawling.  Megan did not relent at all, smacking her hand down on his crimson bottom.  He laid passively across her lap, all though of resistance or struggle gone.

Finally, Megan stopped.  Timothy was still sobbing as she gently stroked his punished bottom.

"Shhhh.  Shhhh.  It's all over now."  She pulled him up to sit on her lap and hugged him.

"Until tomorrow." 

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